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Why Your Miami Hotel Should Cash In on Live Entertainment

Take a moment to scan the Miami skyline or stroll its palm tree-lined streets and one thing is clear: the Magic City is a destination location and hotels (or tourism in general) make up a healthy percentage of our regional economy. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 people who visit our city do so for leisure and each one of those visitors spends an average of $1,637 per stay.


Not only that, but hotels are a major employer and contribute to the area’s broad appeal. Across South Florida nearly 4,200 hotel rooms will be completed in the next two years, a 71 percent increase from 2017-2018. That means 22 new hotels and continued cutthroat competition. Standing out from the crowd, that is, being different, is essential if you want your hotel brand to succeed and maximize its revenue. Increasingly live entertainment is the key to that success.

That’s because hotels are more than places to get shut-eye. Lodgings both large and small and everything in between have become destination and lifestyle experiences in their own right.


Cashing in on that potential has never been more valuable. And live entertainment, consisting of a DJ, a band, or some other form of entertainment, added as a stand-alone offering or combined with your dining, bar, and/or poolside amenities, is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and define your own space. In fact, consumers who develop an emotional connection to a brand (hotels included) have a 306 percent higher lifetime value.

The good news is that compared to other industries, hotels are at a significant advantage. You’ve already done the hard part and managed to attract, retain and engage a large number of guests. That includes first-time visitors and repeat loyal customers.

They’ve already booked their room. Perhaps they’re cashing in on their loyalty rewards for additional perks. Now the goal is to encourage them to remain on your property longer still so that they have the opportunity to enjoy additional onsite amenities and your live entertainment. This can include at your bar, at your restaurant, at your poolside area, and at your spa center, etc. After all, live entertainment is an experience that fosters deep emotional connections and entices people to remain where they are. The longer they stay to enjoy the live entertainment means that more food and more drinks will be consumed. Why take an Uber or a Lyft to another venue when everything you need is right where you are? 

Live Entertainment:  The Differentiating Factor

Remember that Miami is an entertainment Mecca. So much so that there are almost limitless options for your guest to choose. Much like Las Vegas, Miami businesses compete fiercely for visitors’ attention. From the moment your guest steps off of the plane, they are bombarded with enticing alternatives beyond your hotel.


And live entertainment added to your hotel offering has been shown to powerfully liven up the scene. How much so? Studies have found that adding live entertainment to your hotel can triple your bar revenue. And in another survey, customers that support your brand will spend 67 percent more than new customers. Live entertainment can and should be that positive brand push.

Here, too, hotels have another advantage. Live entertainment – combined with additional offerings – along with the proper marketing and social media outreach, will encourage non-hotel guests to visit and spend money at your hotel. Visitors and locals from around the area will soon flock to the amazing live entertainment experience you provide.

The Pitfalls of Partnership

For hotel managers who have drank the Kool-Aid and are on board with adding live entertainment, many opt to partner with an event promoter. At first glace this may seem like the best solution. Partnering with someone else allows them to take care of the music, the equipment, the logistics, etc., etc. It also means less headache and hassle for you.


But the drawbacks shouldn’t be overlooked. Some of those net negatives include:


  • Hotels that are strong armed – Agreeing to unfavorable terms like sharing bar profits or allowing the promoter to charge a cover – a practice which denies entry to possible visitors unwilling to pay the entry fee – can powerfully impact revenue (and reputation) generation
  • Lost crowd control – Like the above this too has the potential to risk damaging your reputation. How? By allowing promoters to attract a crowd far different from the hotels’ ideal client
  • Reliability Shortfall – Many of these promoters will fail to establish a regular event. They will not have consistent events, and their quality may ebb and flow from event to event. In short, there is limited accountability and transparency

Handling Live Entertainment In-House: Close but No Cigar

A second option many hotel managers consider is the do-it-yourself approach. In this scenario the key benefit is obvious: quality control remains in your hands. You can also carefully manage the guests you seek to attract.


In our experience often we find this approach comes up short as well.  This is due to three main obstacles: 1) hotel brands will be faced with choosing at least two artists with competitive prices, making final decisions difficult. 2) DIY requires that your hotel owns expensive sound equipment or you must rent the equipment from somewhere else. 3) And lastly there is the time commitment few industry insiders wish to address. Live entertainment planning is a time consuming process, often requiring hours of additional work per week. All that “lost time” adds up and distracts you from your other priorities and responsibilities. 

A Difficult Choice You Don’t Have to Make

So for many of our hospitality customers it comes down to two choices. Either hotel brands lose control over the event, the crowd, (its demographics, i.e. age, gender, location, and psychographics, i.e., personality, values, interests) and who is permitted to enter your event. The alternative is to go through the costly and time-consuming process of planning the event on your own.


The most encouraging news is that many Miami hotels have yet to capitalize on a live entertainment option. The key here is to think big. In order to innovate and remain cutting edge, hotels need to think more like event destinations and not just places to get some sleep. They need to think about how they can transform themselves by offering an entirely new experience.


Sure, there are examples of Miami hotels getting in on the live entertainment act. But dozens of brands have yet to embrace the emerging trend. For a host of reasons live entertainment could be just what your hotel brand is looking for to super charge your revenue and greatly enhance your popularity and the degree to which your most loyal guests and visitors are motivated to come back for more – and spend more money. 

Our three step system:

Step 1

Choose your Artists

Select the Artists that best fit your entertainment style. Our tier system gives you freedom to change artists, as you wish, without it affecting the price. Choose your ideal lineup from an ample selection of artists within a Tier.


Artists that work with your budget

Perfect for small and medium-sized events, this option is ideal if you want to start providing a regular entertainment offer in your establishment that includes a DJ. Our Tier 1 Artists are seasoned Miami professionals with years of experience in the industry. 


If you are looking for something different

If you are looking to really impress your guests, Tier 2 is your best option. The artists in this category transcend the traditional definition of "DJ" to offer you more: Live Singers, Synthesizers and Saxophones are a few examples of what to expect from these talented Miami artists. For Dry N Wet, this is what it means to be a groundbreaking entertainment agency.


Top shelf artists 

Ideal for opening events and other special occasions, the artists in this entertainment category are internationally recognized with a great following in Miami. The perfect choice if you want to create awareness and further promote Miami as America's live entertainment and DJ capital.


Step 2

Choose your Setup

Choose the Setup that best fits your entertainment needs. Having the right amount of sound is critical for a successful event, especially in a city like Miami. Our production advisors will help you select the perfect live entertainment option for your Miami space.


For hotels with sound system in place

The Basic live entertainment Setup will provide you with the essentials for the Artist to perform: Mixer, Instruments, CDJs, Turntables and Booth Sound System. This is the perfect option if there is already a powerful sound system in place.



When you need some power

The Premium Setup provides you with everything the Basic Setup does, plus a state-of-the-art sound system.  Ideal for entertainment venues with small sound systems. 



For Big Open Spaces

The Premium Setup provides you with everything the Basic Setup does, plus a state-of-the-art sound system composed by tops and subwoofers. This live entertainment option also includes a large canopy that will cover the setup in the case of a Miami downpour. Ideal for Pools and open spaces.



For special occasions

Build your perfect "DJ temple" with the help of our production advisors. Choose between an ample offer of sound, lighting, stage structures, lasers, smoke machines... Anything you need to make a long lasting live entertainment Miami impression!


Step 3

Choose your Plan

Choose the entertainment Plan that best fits your budget: 6 or 3-month commitments. The 6-month plan includes a Special Event at no extra cost where the Artists and the Setup will be upgraded by one Tier.


Commit to as little as one Live Entertainment event per month

Commit to as little as one event per month to get the Installation Fee waived. Pick the dates and the length of each event, choose the artist tier and the setup that works best for you, and let us take care of all entertainment logistics so you can focus on your amazing Miami business.

$0 Installation Fee


Provide a solid entertainment offer

Ideal if you are looking to provide a regular entertainment offer to your clients. Create your perfect music selection from the different options within the Tier: Latin Fridays, Top 40 Saturdays, House Sundays... The possibilities in Miami are endless!

$0 Installation Fee 

30% Discount on Set Up


No commitment? No problem

If you are looking for a one time event, we can also help you. Contact us at any time to get advice about the different options to make this special event truly unique.

$100 Installation Fee