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More than go shopping

Of all the contributions America has made to global commerce and places to do business, the mall is perhaps the country’s most unique. Reaching their heyday in the car-centric culture of the 1980s and 1990s, many malls today, especially in suburbs, have closed or have become trapped in a kind of drab decadal time warp.


But in the 2000s and 2010s, as the post recession economy gathered steam, something significant has changed. Instead of places to shop or maybe see a movie, malls are becoming lifestyle destinations. Some of the most ambitious like the Brickell City Centre, in the heart of Miami, offer live entertainment as well as upscale shopping, dining and cinema. Likewise CityPlace in greater Miami and in West Palm Beach, offer similar amenities.


As a top-tier entertainment agency with extensive live entertainment and DJ promotion and planning experience, Dry N Wet is eager to plan an event in a Miami mall. Whether for a corporate event, a wedding, or something else entirely, we are excited to contribute to the re-birth of the American mall.  

Entertainment Malls

Why is Entertainment important?

Having a solid entertainment offer goes way beyond providing a service for your guests:

- Great Marketing Tool: generate a lot of content for your Social Media and create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to share their experience and engage with your business online.

- Provides Added Value:  Make your mall stand from the rest offering live music. With many malls being composed of the same franchises and brands, the only way of being truly unique is by providing a unique experience to your patrons.

- Increase in Sales: attracting people with no intention to buy anything is the key to increase sales, you cant sell to the people that stayed home.

Why not do the event planning in-house?

- Lack of contacts: artist fees can be expensive if booked for just one time, and if booked regularly, you will be failing to provide a variety for your guests.

- Logistics: from renting and setting up equipment to booking artists, planning the entertainment can take a good part of your day and get out of budget really fast if you are not careful.

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Entertainment Malls 3

How can Dry N Wet help?

We provide completely flexible entertainment solutions in which you have control over every aspect of the events.

Once you have selected the plan that works best for you, we will seamlessly execute the events so you can continue to focus on what matters most, your business.

Our three step system:

Step 1

Choose your Artists

Choose the Artists that best fit your style. Our tier system gives you freedom to change artists, as you wish, without it affecting the price. Choose your ideal lineup from an ample selection of artists within a Tier.

DJ Services Malls

Artists that work with your budget

Perfect for small and medium sized events, this option is ideal if you want to start providing a regular entertainment offer in your establishment. Our Tier 1 Artists are seasoned locals with years of experience in the industry. 

DJ Services Malls 2

If you are looking for something different

If you are looking to impress your guests, Tier 2 is your best choice. The artists in this category transcend the traditional definition of "DJ" to offer you more: Live Singers, Synthesizers and Saxophones are a few examples of what to expect from these artists.

DJ Services Malls 3

Top shelf artists 

Ideal for opening events and other special occasions, the artists in this category are internationally recognized with a great following in the city. The perfect choice if you want to create awareness.


Step 2

Choose your Set up

Choose the Set Up that best fits your needs. Having the right amount of sound is critical for a successful event. Our production advisors will help you select the perfect option for your space.

Malls Basic Setup

For malls with sound system in place

The Basic Set up will provide you with the essentials for the Artist to perform: Mixer, Instruments, CDJs, Turntables and Booth Sound System. The perfect option if there is already a powerful enough sound system in place.


Malls Premium Setup

When you need some power

The Premium Set up provides you with everything the Basic Set Up does, plus a state of the art sound system composed by tops and subwoofers. This option also provides a large canopy that will cover the set up in the case of rain. Ideal for venues with small sound systems. 


Malls Custom Setup

For special occasions

Build your perfect set up with the help of our production advisors. Choose between an ample offer of sound, lighting, stage structures, lasers, smoke machines... Anything you need to make a long lasting impression!


Step 3

Choose your Plan

Choose the Plan that best fits your budget: 6 or 3 month commitments. The 6 month plan includes a Special Event at no extra cost where the Artists and the Set Up will be upgraded by one Tier.

Malls Entertainment monthly

Commit to as little as one event per month

Commit to as little as one event per month to get the Installation Fee waived. Pick the dates and the length of each event, choose the artist tier and the set up that works best for you, and let us take care of the logistics so you can focus on your business.

$0 Installation Fee

Malls Entertainment weekly

Provide a solid entertainment offer

Ideal if you are looking to provide a regular entertainment offer to your clients. Create your perfect music selection from the different options within the Tier: Latin Fridays, Top 40 Saturdays, House Sundays... The possibilities are endless!

$0 Installation Fee 

30% Discount on Set Up

Malls Entertainment on Demand

No commitment? No problem

If you are looking for a one time event, we can also help you. Contact us at any time to get advice about the different options to make this special event truly unique.

$100 Installation Fee