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For Miami Restaurants Live Entertainment Means a Revenue Boost

Spend even a few hours in our Magic City and one thing is clear: Miami is fast becoming a foodie haven. With some 13,000 licensed restaurants across the tri-county area standing out from the crowd can be tough. One of the best ways to do that, however, is by adding live entertainment. It’s also guaranteed to make you more money – fast. Enabling this revenue boost by connecting your restaurant to the best local and international talent is what we do best.

Adding live entertainment to your restaurant offering generates more money for your brand in four distinct ways. Each benefit builds on the other and is a must-have addition when considering Miami’s increasingly competitive restaurant landscape. The facts speak for themselves.

dj entertainment restaurant

Increases the number of customers your serve 

How? By letting your customers do the marketing for you, sharing their positive experiences on social media, generating an authentic organic “buzz.” This is a statement borne from facts: while most Instagram and Facebook users (96 percent) don’t follow a corporate brand, 71 percent of users that had a positive experience with a brand interaction will discuss the experience with friends through these channels. What’s more, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media. It doesn’t take rocket science to see the value that live entertainment, combined with pics of delicious food presentations can have on your restaurant’s bottom line.

Increases how much customers spend per visit 

How? By encouraging diners to stay longer. Guests will stay longer, eat more food, purchase more drinks at the bar or at their table, and instead of choosing another establishment after dinner, they will stay put to enjoy your live entertainment scene. The logic goes like this: Why would guests leave the place they’re at, paying for another Uber or Lyft if they’re already having a great night out? Answer: they won’t. Here too, research bears this out. Providing music in general has been determined to boost overall restaurant sales revenue by 9 percent, while a Scottish study even found that with the right music a restaurant’s bar bill increases by 51 percent!

DJ Restaurant
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Increases the Frequency your Diners Visit 

How? By building brand loyalty and fostering a positive, emotionally enriching experience that adds to your already top-quality food and drink. In other words, regular entertainment means regular, paying customers. In fact, local establishments are already incorporating this model into their dining plan and Dry N Wet thinks it’s time you did too. For example,look at Tap 42’s Sunday Brunch, Le Chick’s self-proclamation as a “DJ entertainment restaurant,” and Marion’s Thursday Soiree with Live DJ & Entertainment. All three incorporate live entertainment into their guest offerings and all three are among Miami’s top weekend hangouts. 

Increases your leverage to raise prices    

How? Because you’re adding a unique live entertainment option that’s a talking point among your loyal supporters and newbie’s alike. Miami’s restaurant competition is fierce. The only way your brand can justify a price increase is if you’re adding something more, something different; something that gets people excited and motivated to come back again and again. Once your restaurant is known as the “it” place, complete with regularly occurring live entertainment, you can command higher prices. People will pay because they know you deliver on your promise of great food, great atmosphere, great drinks, great ambiance, and yes, great live entertainment.

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Live Entertainment a (Mostly) Untapped Resource

The most encouraging news is that many Miami restaurants still have yet to embrace a live entertainment option. Sure, there are the above examples. But they are the exceptions rather than the rule. For a host of reasons live entertainment could be just what your restaurant brand is looking for to super charge your revenue and greatly enhance your popularity and the degree to which your most loyal guests are motivated to come back for more – and spend more money. 

Our three step system:

Step 1

Choose your Artists

Choose the Artists that best fit your style. Our tier system gives you freedom to change artists, as you wish, without it affecting the price. Choose your ideal lineup from an ample selection of artists within a Tier.

DJ Services Miami

Artists that work with your budget

Perfect for small and medium sized events, this option is ideal if you want to start providing a regular entertainment offer in your establishment. Our Tier 1 Artists are seasoned locals with years of experience in the industry. 

Miami DJ Services

If you are looking for something different

If you are looking to impress your guests, Tier 2 is your best choice. The artists in this category transcend the traditional definition of "DJ" to offer you more: Live Singers, Synthesizers and Saxophones are a few examples of what to expect from these artists.

DJ Miami Services

Top shelf artists 

Ideal for opening events and other special occasions, the artists in this category are internationally recognized with a great following in the city. The perfect choice if you want to create awareness.


Step 2

Choose your Set up

Choose the Set Up that best fits your needs. Having the right amount of sound is critical for a successful event. Our production advisors will help you select the perfect option for your space.

Restaurant Basic Setup

For hotels with sound system in place

The Basic Set up will provide you with the essentials for the Artist to perform: Mixer, Instruments, CDJs, Turntables and Booth Sound System. The perfect option if there is already a powerful enough sound system in place.


Restaurant Premium Setup

When you need some power

The Premium Set up provides you with everything the Basic Set Up does, plus a state of the art sound system composed by tops and subwoofers. This option also provides a large canopy that will cover the set up in the case of rain. Ideal for venues with small sound systems. 


Restaurant Custom Setup

For special occasions

Build your perfect set up with the help of our production advisors. Choose between an ample offer of sound, lighting, stage structures, lasers, smoke machines... Anything you need to make a long lasting impression!


Step 3

Choose your Plan

Choose the Plan that best fits your budget: 6 or 3 month commitments. The 6 month plan includes a Special Event at no extra cost where the Artists and the Set Up will be upgraded by one Tier.

Restaurant entertainment Monthly

Commit to as little as one event per month

Commit to as little as one event per month to get the Installation Fee waived. Pick the dates and the length of each event, choose the artist tier and the set up that works best for you, and let us take care of the logistics so you can focus on your business.

$0 Installation Fee

Restaurant entertainment weekly

Provide a solid entertainment offer

Ideal if you are looking to provide a regular entertainment offer to your clients. Create your perfect music selection from the different options within the Tier: Latin Fridays, Top 40 Saturdays, House Sundays... The possibilities are endless!

$0 Installation Fee 

30% Discount on Set Up

Restaurant entertainment on demand

No commitment? No problem

If you are looking for a one time event, we can also help you. Contact us at any time to get advice about the different options to make this special event truly unique.

$100 Installation Fee